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I started my practice five years ago to work with organizations, businesses, and learning institutions to add value and positively impact in the lives of the people we serve.

When organizational problems are uncertain, complex, and dynamic, we often “satisfize,” leaving a great deal of value on the table (Spetzer, Stanford). This happens because human understanding is limited; it often doesn’t allow us to get the most out of decision situations (Tversky and Kahneman, Stanford).

As a result, complex problems are best solved collaboratively (Kelley). This human-centered approach uses mutual learning to frame our systems and creatively problem-solve to obtain the best results (Argyris, Harvard).

Bob has more than 30 years of experience as a consultant and educator, teaching at the kindergarten through the doctoral program level. As a coach, I have helped more than 60 businesses and institutions developing and implementing creative approaches to improve teaching and learning and organizational performance.

In my work, I use tools and techniques from innovation and design thinking, organizational learning, decision quality, agile methodologies, and human performance technology. These approaches empower teams to more accurately frame problems, gather relevant information, prototype their work, and use timely feedback to discover novel ways to become “better” (Gawande, Johns Hopkins).

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