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Welcome. Thanks for coming to my professional share space.  There are three components: 1) my blog on organizational learning, agile thinking and human performance technology, 2) the newsletter Variations that goes more deeply into emerging topics in these fields with free resources and tools for practitioners, and 3) the services I offer to organizations, businesses and schools.

If you have a passion for deeper learning, I invite you to take a look. Or better yet, sign up for the site.  It’s free, and you can sign off at any time.  If you do come, drop a note and share your thoughts.  I believe sincerely that our capacities and accomplishments, both individually and as a part of organizations for which we work, depend the learning communities we build and foster.  We learn better together than we do alone.



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Bob Pacheco has more than 30 years of experience as a consultant and educator, from elementary through graduate schools. Dr. Pacheco served as the Assessment Chair of the Research and Planning Group for eight years.