What Others Say

“Bob is an articulate writer and a prolific reader. His broad, theory-backed perspective and communication skills helped him work well with everyone at our institution. He excels at forming research strategy, from data collection through data analysis. Bob is intuitive and understands how we can best translate research findings for our specific campus context. If we ever have a gap that needs to be filled, we call him.”
Student Success Lead

“Since I’ve known him, Bob has been very passionate and diligent in pursuing inquiries around how student learning outcomes assessment work is best conducted, and in presenting what he’s learned at countless campuses and higher-education conferences. He’s been a wealth of resources and information for me and others in the field. His illustrations for practitioners on how to do a better job of self-evaluation, and analyze if the institution meets state accreditation standards, have been timely, based on new areas of emphasis in standards. Bob is very creative and an effective presenter; I marvel at how he can put together artful presentations and thoughtfully design learning experiences for conference attendees.”
Educational Master Plan Project Leader/Consultant

“Bob is a passionate man with an incredible amount of responsibility. He doesn’t just commit to projects, he makes sure his project deliverables truly serve the needs of his clients. Bob has the ability to listen to people and actually hear what they want. He takes problems from their vantage point to build reports, presentations, and assessment products in a way that makes his clients always feel that they’ve gotten far more than what they’ve asked for.”
Executive Director, Research and Planning

“Bob is much more personable, forward-thinking, and strategic than other consultants we’ve worked with. He is great at posing the kinds of probing questions that helped our team think through where we wanted to go. He invited us to reflect on our current work and our goals for the future. Overall, his advice was practical and not beyond our reach; it made us think about how what we’re working on now will impact us going forward.”
Accreditation Coordinator