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Welcome. Thanks for coming to my professional share space.  There are three components: 1) my blog on organizational learning, agile thinking and human performance technology, 2) the newsletter Variations that goes more deeply into emerging topics in these fields with free resources and tools for practitioners, and 3) the services I offer to organizations, businesses and schools.

If you have a passion for deeper learning, I invite you to take a look. Or better yet, sign up for the site.  It’s free, and you can sign off at any time.  If you do come, drop a note and share your thoughts.  I believe sincerely that our capacities and accomplishments, both individually and as a part of organizations for which we work, depend the learning communities we build and foster.  We learn better together than we do alone.



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An Innate, Lifelong Desire to Learn

Learning Occurs When…

Elon Musk, CEO and CTO of SpaceX co-founder, CEO, and product architect of Tesla Motors; co-founder and chairman of SolarCity (I’ll stop here), has created a school without grade levels and teaches students to consider the problem before them, not the tools to solve it.

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MSU improvement in the classroom…

Folks, In addition to improved performance recently on the grid iron and their ever presence on the hardwood, the folks at MSU have now made an improvement in the classroom. MSU has removed the college algebra requirement for the math/quantitative reasoning general education component of a degree. The American Mathematical Society agrees with the folks […]

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Zero to One

Folks, Peter Thiel, founder of PayPal, financier of Facebook, and clearly one of America’s leading intellectuals, criticizes our higher education system for serving other, less productive functions than fostering learning (nurturing conformity and perpetuating prestige, for starters). In his provocative book, Zero to One, Thiel posits that the college and university system itself and the […]

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A New Educational “Ecosystem”…

Folks, While eyes are drawn to those head and shoulders above the rest and bound for glory, more often than not, it’s somebody unknown, somebody underestimated who see things before others do, who creates transformational change. Working in plain sight and at the edge, these innovators go unnoticed, nested perhaps in our personal blind spots. […]

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